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Join the team! Become a Radius Realty Group Agent!


We are always looking for qualified, highly motivated agents to join our dynamic team.   

There are many benefits of working for a smaller firm.  Some benefits include: being your own boss, working remotely, making your own hours, NO required meetings or sales sessions.  Those things are offered, but are always optional.

Work Remotely

There is no office or desk time requirement.  You work where you want: your home office, a rented space, Starbucks, a coworking station, or any other place you desire. You are your own boss, so you decide.

Smaller Commssion Splits

You don't have to split your commission 4 ways till Sunday and just get what is left after all the other agents get their share.  Your work, your commission.  We charge a small monthly memebrship fee and a transaction fee for closings.  If someomne helps you with your clients, the right thing to do is split the commission or provide some other agreed upon compensation, but you negotiate that split like any other.  We believe in having integrity and treating our fellow agents with utmost respect at all times.

Create Your Own Team / Bring Your Team

Create your own team and build your brand. If you already have a team, bring it with you.  You'll find that you have great amount of independence and freedom to run your business the way you want.

Be part of the change you wish to see

We believe in being go-getters, creative, and trend setters.  We strive to learn the latest in technology, service excellence and market trends.  

Come grow with us!